Agave Culture

The cultural heritage of Mexico is enjoyed through its gastronomy, landscapes, the textures and color of its soil, flowers, plants and seas; and also through its people, its villages, a dance, or a hug. In the midst of everything exists the queen of plants; the agave, with more than 40 varieties that are used to produce mezcal, tequila, firewater and distilled spirits, that encompass rituals, culture and traditions.

Agave distillates have an intrinsic value as the outcome of profoundly specialized processes. A master distiller is the culmination of generations of knowledge, whose passion and hard work rewards us with the creation of a genuine and unique distilled spirit.


The Salas family has worked its lands and maguey plants for more than 4 generations. For them it is imperative to be in the field to see which agave to prune, which agave is ripe enough for distillation and which plants need a brief lecture to help them along. Each master distiller treats his or her plants like small children, diligently taking care of them and knowing when each one was planted and when it will be ready to be transformed into a distilled spirit.
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Mezcal production entails long days of work in the field, many hours spent under the sun; a fundamental part of the process of these workdays is food.

Jazmín is one of the pillars that ensures that each note of the distillates from the Sierra del Tentzo is special. As a traditional cook, she is an alchemist of the flavors of the land and is admired by the whole team; her work is an integral and fundamental part of the creation of each distilled spirit. Each workday and batch is accompanied by her special touch, as well as every feast starring a distillate. The long-standing flavors and preferences of the family and community are safeguarded by her culinary knowledge. All of the biodiversity they are gifted with are blended and cooked over hot stones and a wood fire; water, chilli peppers, herbs, fruits, insects, corn, squash and free-range animals are combined to create a unique flavor in the world that smacks of village, tradition and family.